Pictured above: Police respond to a Kitchener crash in June 2014.

‚ÄčAs shown in the chart below, the total number of CAD events generated in 2014 declined by 2% from 2013. The most frequent CAD occurrence type generated is a Vehicle Stop, which is initiated by an officer and may or may not result in a criminal code or provincial offence warning or charge. The second most frequent occurrence type, Administrative Notice, is the number of 9-1-1 calls confirmed to have been made in error and thus not requiring an officer dispatched, including cell phone auto dial errors and unintentional misuse. Rounding out the recurring top three types is a Filed 9-1-1 Call which is a non-police emergency that is sent to fire and/or ambulance.


The computer system which processes calls of police service to the community is called, 'Computer Aided Dispatch' (CAD). This system captures calls coming into the Communications Centre from a non-emergency line, from a 9-1-1 phone line, or initiated by an officer. Each incident is assigned an 'Occurrence Number' and is logged in the system for tracking. The charts below demonstrate how many occurrences were logged in CAD throughout 2013 and 2014.